We’re not immodest. But we are damn passionate about FENIX. And we’re confident that if we introduce FENIX to you, you’ll love it. And want it. And want to share it.

And you’ll actually be able to have FENIX.CASH Tokens in your hands in about a month or so. So in the meantime, we want to reward you for taking the time to find out how rewarding FENIX is going to be for you. And for helping us spread the word. To your friends. And their friends.


  • 98% of musicians and bands are not signed to a record label.
  • The majority of these talented musicians struggle to make a living off their passion, even though they try by playing gigs and selling a bit of merchandise.
  • The current industry neither cares much, nor is structured to assist them. It’s focused on the famous artist. We are focused on all artists, and in particular on creating a decent living for them – If you have 500 fans, you still deserve to make a living. And we’ll make it possible!
  • FENIX is focused on creating IMMEDIATE sources of additional income for bands – and on giving fans direct access to a band’s unique and exciting offerings.
  • We have about five primary ways that we are using the blockchain to help us to do this…. so far. And we’ll keep adding to that list. If you want the full list, click here: But here are a couple of the ways.
    • Via our FENIX app and the FENIX.CASH Token, artists will have to do very little to start selling their merch 24/7 and globally – not just at their gigs. All an artist has to do is to decide what they want to sell and how much they want for it. There is no need to set up e-commerce or even to open a wallet – we can do that for them. Our FENIX.CASH Tokens make it so simple.
    • And you the fan will be able to access all sorts of alluring products and experiences from your favourite bands – whether its backstage passes, previews of upcoming songs, limited run T-shirts, signed drum cymbals – you name it, some band will be selling it on FENIX.
    • In June, we will release an AMAZING version of our app, which will allow ANY band to customize it to look and feel like THEIR app in less than 30 minutes – with their images, their music, their social media. Furthermore, when fans use THIS app, both band and fans will accumulate FENIX.CASH Tokens.
    • In V4.0 of our FENIX App, each customised band app will have a dedicated chat room that will allow fans to speak directly to the bands – we think this is pretty exciting.


  • In many ways. By just exploring. And hopefully having fun.
  • If you sign up at & join our telegram group, we’ll give you US$5 worth of FENIX.CASH Tokens.
  • If you also like us on Facebook, another $2.50. Follow us on Twitter, another $2.50.
  • If you send our reward link to a friend, each of you will get $2 when they sign up. And so on.

Click here for a guide on how to participate in the FENIX Rewards Program
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