Launching a platform in difficult market conditions

I’ve been working with companies for many years – helping them progress to the next stage of their development…

Importantly, while I’ve closed many many deals in good times, I’ve also done so when times were bad and even when they were really bad…

I was there when the tech bubble burst, having listed one of the last IPOs in Hong Kong to be completed before it burst. I led the execution of the first IPO in Indonesia since the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 and the only deal anywhere in the world to price in the week when WorldCom broke – I have worked through SARS in 2003 and the Global Financial Crisis in 2009.

And why is this important? Because the digital currency landscape is experiencing its own crisis at the moment and really, its first real crisis. And when it comes to getting through hard times, you want people who know how things are going to pan out – that knowledge comes from experience – real experience on the front line…

At times like this, its all about survival – its about working through the hard times and being ready for positive sentiment when it returns. It’s about chalking up all of the things that we can control and telling everyone about them while we wait for some positive momentum in those which we can’t…

And FENIX really is starting to get an irrefutable flow of positive news as it works towards launch and rollout of its platform:

  • We are beta testing our artist dashboard, which will allow artists to create their own customised app, upload their content and product offerings and view their activity with fully transparent blockchain enabled transparency – its state of the art and simple enough for anyone to use.
  • The completion of the testing of the artist dashboard will coincide with the launch of our band reward and referral program, which will reward new bands with FENIX.CASH Tokens for signing up to the FENIX platform, as well as encouraging other bands to do likewise.
  • V2.0 of the FENIX App is also in beta testing – this is the point of interaction between fans and their favourite artists and forms a comprehensive platform where fans can listen to music, watch videos, see all of the integrated social media of their favourite bands and buy any product or experiences that the band is offering.

These three key actions are key to us building the user community of the FENIX platform in anticipation of formal launch and all three continue at full speed, irrespective of what is happening around us.

As well as the development of our underlying technology, we are also focused on introducing FENIX to bands and to organisations that represent independent bands globally. With a proposition that is focused on improving the way that independent bands go about their day-to-day business, we are getting great traction with all parties that we are introduced to and will be announcing key shows of support in the coming weeks.

In difficult markets, we fully intend to be able to continue to share positive developments and news about FENIX as we move to our launch – positive momentum is the best way to lead into a formal launch, and all we can do is to ensure that we drive momentum through things we can control – its exciting times for FENIX and only getting better.

The digital token landscape will take care of itself – we are already seeing positive news stories in key markets and we may see some momentum in the coming weeks…

…and when we do, FENIX will be ready.

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