Q: How do I sign up to participate in the FENIX Rewards Program?

A: Either sign up at https://web.fenix.cash/user/register
Or if you have already registered, then login at https://web.fenix.cash/user/login
Once logged in, press [.] in the pull down menu and you will be presented with the various rewards that you may wish to earn through the FENIX Rewards Program.
Each option provides a description explaining what you will need to do in order to earn a reward, and pressing the button will allow you to carry out that action.

Q. Is there a cap of FENIX.CASH Tokens in the FENIX Rewards Program?

A. Yes, we have capped the total FENIX.CASH Rewards pool at 5 million FENIX.CASH Tokens – rest assured there will be plenty ofFENIX.CASH Tokens for you and your friends, but move quickly.

Q: Is there a limit to how many times I may earn each reward?

A: The description of each action specifies whether you can undertake an action more than once.
If so, you may undertake that action as many times as you like, provided that we have not disbursed the entire pool of FENIX.CASH Tokens allocated to the FENIX Rewards Program.

Q: When will we get our FENIX.CASH Tokens issued through the FENIX Rewards Program?

A: FENIX.CASH Tokens will be credited to your FENIX wallet within 30 minutes of you and your friends completing the required action. Your ability to trade the FENIX.CASH Tokens will be activated upon completion of the Crowd Sale ITO.

Q: is the FENIX Rewards Program still active?

A: The FENIX Rewards Program will be active until we have EITHER disbursed all of the FENIX.CASH Rewards pool or we have reached all of the following milestones:
– 30,000 members in our FENIX Telegram group
or unless otherwise agreed by the Founders.

Q: How do we get our FENIX.CASH Tokens through the FENIX Rewards Program?

A: Within 30 minutes of you completing a required action, your FENIX Wallet will be credited with the requisite number of FENIX.CASH Tokens.
Your ability to use and/or transfer your FENIX.CASH Tokens will be unlocked at the end of the Crowd Sale ITO.

Q: What about other FENIX rewards programs?

A: We are excited to be rolling out other FENIX rewards programs in the coming weeks. These programs will include:

  • Rewarding you and your favourite band for your usage of the FENIX platform, in terms of general usage, listening to music and making purchases; and
  • An exciting rewards programs for bands that introduce other bands into the FENIX ecosystem.

In V4.0 of the FENIX App, bands will be able to set up their own rewards programs, whereby you can earn rewards for helping your favourite bands do things like promote new releases or upcoming tours..

Q: What is the total supply of FENIX.CASH Tokens?

A: The total maximum to be sold in the FENIX.CASH Crowd Sale ITO is 735,077,688 FENIX.CASH Tokens, subject to the Hard Cap of US$50 million.
The total maximum number of FENIX.CASH Tokens in the Stage 1 issuance is 919,277,688 FENIX.CASH Tokens.
The total number of FENIX.CASH Tokens to be held in treasury on completion of the FENIX.CASH Crowd Sale ITO is 430,722,313 FENIX.CASH Tokens.

Q: What is the hard cap for the FENIX.CASH Crowd Sale ITO?

A: USD 50 Mil

Q: What is the price per FENIX.CASH Token?

A: 50 FENIX.CASH Tokens : 1 QTUM
For indicative purposes only, translations between US dollars and QTUM are assumed to be at a rate of 1 QTUM : US$23.91, being the rate as at 30 April 2018 set out in coinmarketcap.com. Actual exchange rate for the purpose of the Crowd Sale ITO shall be set at a later date.
* bonuses applicable for early-bird purchases in the Crowd Sale ITO.

Q: Where can I find the FENIX platform product development roadmap?

A: It can be found on our website:
and in Section 4.4 Product Development – Future Roadmap of our whitepaper, which can be found at

Q: I can’t login using my email / I forgot my password

A: Users who thinks their email has been used by someone else, or who have simply forgotten their password to login to the FENIX platform, can go to the following link to reset their password:


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